API certificate

WOTI/Qubaisi knows that customer-driven quality and operational performance excellence are essential to being a successful manufacturer. We have established that all relevant functions and levels within the organization have clear, measurable quality objectives that are consistent with API and ISO our Quality Policy and processes. 

WOTI/Qubaisi is committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers that meet or exceed their expectations. To fulfill this commitment, WOTI/Qubaisi has established the following quality objectives.  

Continuous Improvement

We recognize that we can always improve the value of our products and services to our customers. Therefore, we are continuously improving the quality of our operations through regular reviews and improvement initiatives.  

Improving Quality through Stakeholders

We understand that employees and suppliers are the means to achieving our quality objectives. Therefore we empower employees throughout WOTI to identify problems, develop solutions, and manage new processes and provide them with the necessary resources to accomplish their objectives. Additionally, we develop strong lasting relationships with our suppliers to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products required for their equipment.  

Zero faults

WOTI realizes that in each phase of production of our products, the work must be done right the first time. Although achieving perfection is fictional, we work hard to ensure we are not far away. Working towards zero faults is realized through employees at each phase of production, their dedication and commitment to quality is the foundation of this objective.  

Steadfast Delivery

Delivering our products on the promised delivery date is vital to operational performance, and customer service. WOTI analyses monthly at what frequency our products are delivered in full and on time, and we ensure that this occurrence is at a minimum of 85%.